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Past teachings are no longer necessarily current ones; maybe new ideas have come up in between, or maybe old ideas are outdatd. So, these algorithmic updates are there to regulate the SEO, and the environment on Google in the best possible way. Thus, do not make drastic changes, even if you are victims of an upheaval in your SEO. Instead, try comparing and analyzing the pages of your sites using Google Search Console or Analytics to find commonalities. Also, the advice (dating back to 2011) from Danny Sullivan’s prdecessor, Amit Singhal, still stands; inded, trying to improve.

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Your content remains the most reliable solution if you do not notice major errors on your part, after a loss of position in the SERPs, and following an update. A new display of its SERPs? In addition, the Mountain View firm has made Bulk SMS UK changes to the display of its SERPs. It was already in the pipes for several months, and it is now done. Danny Sullivan has officially spoken on the subject, to confirm that the mobile and desktop versions will be unifid. After making these changes to its mobile version in recent months, the American company decidd to deploy the same design on the desktop version of its search engine for one main reason.

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A better understanding of where information comes from. However, the only downside: users will probably be ld to confuse the JPB Directory organic results with the ads at the top of the SERPs, because of the addition of favicons for these ads. Showing Ads favicons Source: Google. The green URL had been gradually starting to disappear for some time. As for the appearance of favicons, they were gradually being deployd, and webmasters have already startd integrating them. What to remember? As of January, Google is making changes to improve the quality of its service.

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