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Can you imagine for a moment that they care a bit about the other search engines available to them? Almost everyone bases their digital strategy on Google, rightly or wrongly. It’s up to you not to do the same. Don’t miss this opportunity to get more customers. It is still 8% in a less competitive market: something to think twice about. On other search engines, your content may be better highlightd than on Google, because the universe is less competitive there.

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The values ​​defendd by these other search engines These include Bing, Yahoo, Ecosia, DuckDuckGo and Qwant, among others. Each of these platforms has a significant competitive advantage. When Bing and Yahoo enjoy their seniority in Bulk SMS India the same way as Google , Ecosia, for example, has a rather eco-responsible DNA as an asset. Its key argument is that with each search carrid out on its platform, no less than one tree in the world is replantd. When we know the importance that plants play in our ecosystem, the approach of this search engine which wants to be green is clearly to be congratulatd, even encouragd.

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The eco-friendly interface of the Ecosia search engine. From a slightly more human-centric perspective, comes data protection. Inded, DuckDuckGo and Qwant have basd their arguments on the security and protection of the privacy of their JPB Directory users. For all those who no longer wish to be trackd on the net, here is a way to benefit from the right to be forgotten while carrying out research on the internet. An excellent way to take advantage of the services made available to us online, without sacrificing the confidentiality of our data. Another advantage, and not the least, know that you have 100% French search engines that exist.

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