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The marketing platform gives additional information on the profiles of influencers: their average age is 28 years old, and 77% of them are women. In addition, a large majority of them have a higher ducation degree (71%). Influencers, main protagonists All this data shows us that the business around influencers on Facebook’s photo and video platform is a real option to develop for your inbound marketing strategy. They are at the heart of this new digital era, which has extinguishd traditional marketing methods.

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A lead generator source Unlike outbound marketing, which consists of approaching people who are not even necessarily interestd in your products/services, inbound marketing is much more popular. Exit the door-to-door, the telephone Bulk SMS Indonesia contacts! In addition, this process is less costly, both financially and in terms of time. An inbound strategy will be effective in reaching a well-targetd audience, unlike outbound marketing, which targets an audience that is too varid to glean very few leads in the end. And, the goal is to identify lead prospects. The influencer’s choice This is the key element of your influencer marketing; you will ned to choose the influencer basd on your industry. As mentiond, the goal is really to generate leads, sales and increase your community.

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This influence marketing must develop your inbound marketing strategy. So, in addition to being a good ambassador, and generating JPB Directory commitment, it is more interesting to find leads in line with your products/services, and your ideas. The influencer must be considerd by his followers as a main source of trust. To help you with your choice, there are influencer marketing agencies like Inzpire, to help you in your search for the ideal influencer. Then, you will have to create a strong and lasting bond with the latter.

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