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In other words, the more a keyword is solicitd and usd, the higher its CPC will be. Last year, for example, the platform recordd a CPC around 0.75 almost throughout the month of July. This is equivalent to a CPC twice cheaper than that offerd in ordinary times. The CTR meanwhile is none other than the “Click Through Rate”. In French, it simply corresponds to Click Rate. Basd on last summer’s figures, the network of professionals guarantees a CTR increase of at least 1.4% again this year. Rather good news for our advertisers looking for conversions on their website.

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The curve relating to the summer CPC on LinkdIn during the year 2019. Fallout beyond summer Companies that intend to stay active Bulk SMS Singapore on the platform during the summer holidays are generally “rewardd” or rather encouragd, according to LinkdIn. In other words, all advertisers who maintain the same pace as that set up throughout the year, excluding the summer period, are following a long-term strategy. Take advantage of the fact that your competitors are absent to better showcase yourself. The advertisers who record the most conversions in the months following the summer period were able to remain present throughout the buying process.

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Staying active during the summer is therefore a competitive advantage more than anything else. Generally, this makes it possible to maintain a certain consistency that we observe in particular thanks to the different rates of JPB Directory commitment recordd by their activity. This maintaind presence also guarantees the positioning of the brands and their relevance in their field of activity. It is no longer a question here of offering advertising to prospects only in times when the company’s activity is at its strongest, but also of aiming to establish a certain notoriety, or even crdibility in the eyes of the target.

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