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Inded, the latter has often been accusd of prioritizing certain content over others. In particular, it has been the subject of grossophobic and even racist polemics. This is how in its press release, Instagram found it useful to emphasize the fredom of content. He clarifid that users could both use it to dance to a choreography, as well as to “relay a message on a subject” that is close to their hearts. Reels allows you to express yourself while entertaining your community.

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Reels an in-between between TikTok and Instagram Good compromise, especially for all those who, until then, refusd to download the TikTok app, but were still fans of the concept of short videos that the application offerd. Instagram Bulk SMS France has pulld off a masterstroke by trying not only to attract a younger audience to its platform, but above all to diversify the universe of content producd there. At first, we all thought that TikTok challenges were just fun for under 15s. Today, confinement has shown us that all generations can participate in this kind of animation.

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It was imperative for them to develop a feature similar to that of TikTok. How do I use the new Reels feature? Reels can be usd in synergy JPB Directory with other Instagram features. Among : Augmentd reality effects: To do this, you just have to draw from the library ddicatd to them on the social network. You will also be able to use those that have been made by creators other than those of the platform. Audio content: You can add music taken directly, either from the platform’s music library or your own. The Reels format gives free rein to your imagination.

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