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The search engine has decidd not to extend the use of its tool linkd to structurd data tags. Google’s official announcement On July 7, on its blog ddicatd to webmasters, the group announcd that it intendd to completely abandon the test tool for structurd data tags. This will be done for the benefit of another expressly designd for rich results. The latter has just completd its second phase of testing. It is a tool that aims to be more complete than that of structurd data tags.

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The abandonment will still be very gradual. Google leaves the tool still available for a few months on its platform. However, the web giant Bulk SMS South Africa strongly recommends that its users familiarize themselves already with the replacement tool that has been put in place. When users go to the platform to test the structurd data tool, an automatic message is generatd. This invites them to go now to the rich results test tool, with a link expressly rdirecting to an explanatory article publishd on the official Google blog. The abort message that appears when you want to use the structurd data tool.

Thus Served Only As A Showcase

What is the rich results tool actually for? In practice, it is usd to check the URL of a page. Once it has been analyzd, the tool presents JPB Directory all the errors potentially detectd. If there is an error, usually the page will not display as a rich result. On the other hand, if it is only a simple warning, the page concernd can still be displayd as a rich result, but could be limitd in its display. Google’s Rich Results Testing Tool. Benefits of the Rich Results Testing Tool Compard to the structurd data tag testing tool, the rich results testing tool has strengths.

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