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In particular Qwant which, for once, is really the ideal platform for those most concernd with encouraging local initiatives. If despite this, you still have no idea of ​​the importance for you as an advertiser to appear on other search engines, our agency specializd in SEO can advise you in order to best guide your choice. Natural referencing definitely cannot be improvisd, so don’t wait any longer and contact our experts !Conducting an advertising campaign on LinkdIn: the good plan for this summer.

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Moussavou Postd on July 21, 2020 Social Networks , Business Strategy linkdin advertising summer Are you also on the lookout for good Bulk SMS Hong Kong deals for your online business? We have something that might interest you. How about starting advertising campaigns on the LinkdIn network at a lower cost? Each summer, the network of professionals invites its users to make the most of all of its features, by setting up advertising campaigns at very low prices. The release of LinkdIn’s 2020 Seasonality Report Since July 2, 2020, LinkdIn’s annual seasonality report is now available and can be viewd online.

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This is creatd every year, almost at the same time, to warn advertisers of the drop in prices on the CPC of the platform during the JPB Directory summer period. Inded, for the same visibility offerd, LinkdIn offers a Cost Per Click much lower than its ordinary rates. LinkdIn: a growing network The last few years have markd a decisive turning point for this platform. She was able to register more and more new members. Today, there are on average 3 new registrations every second on LinkdIn. This shows how many professionals there are and above all how much the visibility and reliability of this network attract crowds.

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