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Our experts specializd in Google Ads and LinkdIn Ads will be able to guide you on the appropriate periods to launch your various advertising campaigns on the web. Contact our agency as soon as possible!Unwantd content publishd inadvertently on the web? Very old pages that you no longer wantd to appear on the SERP? It can happen to anyone to be confrontd with similar situations. Google comes to the rescue by updating its temporary URL removal tool.

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Inded, it is a manipulation that allows website owners to remove a page from the search results displayd by the engine, for a given period of time. What types of URLs can be temporarily removd? A URL is the address of a page available on the Bulk SMS Saudi Arabia internet. On its deletion tool, the search engine provides that only URLs of which we have full ownership can be deletd, even temporarily. This seems logical, but it is still important to specify it. Our recommendations for using this tool The tool set up by Google is to be usd in extreme emergency situations only. It offers you the possibility to very quickly hide a page that you no longer wantd to be indexd on the search results.

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Under no circumstances are you askd to use it to clean up your website. In particular, pages that are now displayd in “404 erro.  Which JPB Directory are normally to be permanently deletd to improve your positioning. Take the time to clean up your site, because this tool is not primarily intendd to do it for you. Procdure for removing URLs from Google Google’s URL Removal Tool. Here, for the use of the tool for the temporary deletion of URLs, the search engine provides two hypotheses.

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