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Regarding the new display of SERPs, the user experience should be better on desktop. Then, the effects of the January 2020 core update will be observd; with each algorithmic update, we find webmasters annoyd by a demotion in terms of position, or SEOs surprisd to have a positioning in the SERPs on the rise. Still, in the long term, you have to tell yourself that only the quality of your content will be decisive. Anyway, do not hesitate to call on your SEO agency. Its experts will be able to adapt to all situations, and offer you a quality service.

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It is characterizd by its practical features that allow you to check the display of your website. It provides a wide range of conventional Bulk SMS Brazil formats for responsive testing. You can therefore check the display of your site on a smartphone, on a tablet and on a computer screen. For smartphones and tablets, you can take the test in landscape as well as in portrait . Last August, Google announcd the change it was going to make regarding search engines on Android. This decision followd the record fine of five billion dollars imposd by the European Commission in July 2018.

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The auctions are recordd, and the results are surprising. Your digital agency reveals the details of this Android novelty. A historic JPB Directory sanction Five billion dollars! The Mountain View firm had been sanctiond with a colossal sum for abuse of a dominant position. We can say that the fine receivd by Google was the trigger for this new distribution of default search engines on Android. From now on, the user will have the choice for his search engine. When starting the Android operating systems, he will have to choose from the search engines selectd in his country. Regarding the selection of search engines, the three best offers for each European country are chosen.

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