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Thus, for the past few weeks, hackers have been marketing the numbers associatd with hackd Facebook accounts on the encryptd Russian Telegram messaging service. The purpose of this operation has not been indicatd, however, we know that each issue is sold at a price of 20 dollars. A discount would even be offerd on the unit price, from a batch of 10,000 numbers purchasd. According to the American mdia that reveald this information, Motherboard, a bot active on this social network would be the main responsible for this hack.

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The latter was programmd to retrieve the phone numbers of Facebook users through their identifiers. The reverse is also possible, namely obtaining a Facebook ID via a site from the URL of an account. News confirmd by Facebook According to SMS Gateway Hungary Motherboard, the bot was put online on Telegram in January 2021. However, the data usd dates back two years, i.e. 2019. Unfortunately, many Facebook users keep their phone number for a long period. . It is therefore information that remains valid for most of them and that could be usd by people with bad intentions.

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Therefore, this robot holds the coordinates of several. Million Internet users who are distributd in Canada, the Unitd States. Australia, France as well as in other countries of the world. The Facebook group has also. Confirmd the JPB Directory rumors, indicating that the accounts concernd were those creatd before the correction of the flaw. Similarly, the company Hudson Rock has publishd test images showing that it is really possible to find the identifier of a user from his number and vice versa. Facebook claims, however, that following the patch, the bot does not have access to phone numbers enterd on its platform after 2019.

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