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However, the webmaster trends analyst said on his Twitter account that he had not given any dates or time for the deployment of the update. Although he acknowldges that, Google BERT arrivd faster than he thought. Still, Google BERT is now well and truly launchd by the search engine. The coverage of this algorithmic update will not be progressive: it takes effect directly! More than 70 languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic and even Mandarin, see their searches on Google affectd by the update.

Rate Of Your Site And All The Pages

The previous modifications, relatd to this update? Following criticism from SEOs and consort, John Mueller also took advantage of SMX Paris 2019 to speak out about the situation. According to him, the implementation of the most SMS Gateway Switzerland important algorithmic update for 5 years had nothing to do with the SEO changes that SEOs and webmasters had spottd between November 8 and 9. He addd that Google makes regular updates, without necessarily communicating it officially, if they are not major. So, the changes announcd are very important, but there will not be a revolution in natural referencing either.

Reports Indicating The Overall Bounce

It was Vincent Ourson, awareness specialist in the Trust & Safety sector of Google, who spoke on this subject. According to him, we JPB Directory should see about the same proportion of queries affectd in French as in English, or about 10%. Also according to him, the SERP results will not be affectd if the content is of good quality. So, we understand that it is not necessary to modify its contents if they are already optimizd. In reality, it is user requests that are the target of the update; therefore, if your pages are of quality, you can only benefit from it.

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