What is Audience Targeting

To make it simple and clear, audience targeting is be the sum of many data points that allow us to identify and serve ads to a specific individual online. Those points can include:

Contextual targeting: this analyzes the content of each webpage to determine its. Specific topic (content) of the page which is then matched up. What is Audience  With the corresponding message of your ad, thus reaching and connecting. To an audience of same interest as your product or service.
Demographic targeting: a method that enables advertisers. To show an ad specifically to individuals based on demographic profiles. Such as age, gender and income. This data may come from various sources such as. A website registration or from an inference-based mechanism.

Device targeting specifically pursuing a user based

Desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can also target by a specific operator such as sprint, at&t, or verizon.
Geo targeting: using the physical location of the individual – zip code, state, region, country, ip address, or other criteria – to segment phone lists and deliver ads What is Audience  based on location. It is also possible to target specific locations such as sports stadiums or shopping malls.
Remarketing or retargeting: connect again and again with customers who have already visited your website as the visit other websites. Seeing your ads repetitively will reinforce your brand.
The higher number of parameters you add to an audience target, the more effective your ad campaign will be, and consequently, a better return of your investment.

A better use of today’s ad serving technology would be

To create audience that mimics your best customer.

Males that live in a radius of 10 miles from new york with a credit score of 650 or higher, or
Female democrats that are registered voters in the zip code 94043.

So, retire that clown that is in from of your store holding a huge signs, stop paying for overpriced local tv commercials, and start serving ads to people that actually fit you audience.

Expedia media solutions will target and tailor your message to our customerswho

Are actively in market for specific JPB Directory travel What is Audience  services and destinations. With nearly 60 million global travelers searching and buying on highly trusted expedia sites each month, they are uniquely positioned to deliver a travel target audience at scale.

Expedia’s targeting capabilities harness clusters of behaviors on sites to identify family, luxury, business, and economy travelers. They then leverage 3rd-party behavioral data for insight into a wide range of interests.

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