How small businesses can use Google+

Google is not necessarily your company’s first marketing option, but the site “Packs a punch” when it comes to your small business’ digital How small businesses marketing success, laura klosterman explains. Klosterman and brett relander expand on this in their respective articles, outlining how your small business can capitalize on the benefits of this underutilized resource.

Klosterman and relander both emphasize how google is important for attracting local customers, along with improving your search engine optimizing (seo) and brand awareness.

Google has a large user base with 540 million active monthly users

Writes relander. Many of these users are local, making it even more valuable to maintain an active company page to attract customers, suggests klosterman. Google reviews are one tool your business should use since they hold sway with consumers.

How do you increase your number of google reviews? Relander tells business owners to focus on providing exceptional service and phone lists free ask How small businesses  customers for reviews – in that order. Attracting more customers can also be as simple as making sure that your google page has your business’ location, hours and contact information clearly displayed. This information is a “Requirement for any small business,” relander emphasizes.

In addition google is the leading search engine

Playing by Its rules and using the google network” will benefit your business in terms of seo and brand awareness, klosterman asserts. Relander argues that there is “Sufficient anecdotal evidence to suggest that profiles that do well on google get indexed quicker on google.”

Eric enge of search engine watch states JPB Directory that google rewards businesses who regularly use it by ranking their site higher in search results. How small businesses  Your followers and those in your google circle also more frequently see your company information in their personalized result pages.

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