How Does Audience Targeting Work

How Does Audience  In a previous blog post, I mentioned a couple examples of better audience profiling capabilities in order to target specific audiences.

Males that live in a radius of 10 miles from new york with a credit score of 650 or higher, or
Female democrats that are registered voters in the zip code 94043.
How is it possible to target specific audiences in the internet?
There are companies that simply work at gathering information around the web. They also buy information from the companies that many of us do business with. Therefore, Don’t worry, there is no reason to be afraid; they don’t sell individual credit and personal information. These companies simply sell their basic customer profile data, making. Therefore, it easier for advertising platforms to target those parameters.

Is audience targeting reliable and precise

Even though we are not given specific information on each person’s ip address. Therefore, and personal information, it is possible to see a clear increase in the click through rate and conversion rate on these ads. The more specific audience you target, the more successful your campaign will be.

Bluekai provides information on consumers who have shown shopping/in-market behaviors associated with eight primary categories. These including:

Exelate exchange is specializes in premium How Does Audience  demographic, interest, and intent data from some of the most trusted phonelist names online. Comprised of 200+ online data providers, 700mm uniques worldwide, and 1 trillion data points served monthly. Exelate’s smart data platform provides accurate, actionable, and agile data and analytics on online household demographics, purchase intent, and behavioral propensities.

Campaigns to individuals associated with their professional role

Through the collection of trillions of directly measured online data points and distribution. Therefore, partnerships with information leaders such as nielsen, catalina, mastercard advisors, bizo, and more, exelate makes online, offline, and custom modeled data sets.

Experian provides audience segments JPB Directory that are powered by their compiled consumer database. Experian’s extensive data resources are used to create syndicated, pre-built consumerview audience segments in the following categories:

mosaic (360 consumer choices)
True touch (motivational message indicators)
Property and mortgage
Therefore, Experian combines self-reported information, aggregated How Does Audience  panel data, websites, public records, and offline historical retail purchases then employs a rigorous process that includes the application of proprietary models – data from thousands of sources and proven algorithms – to create its online audience segments.

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