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Notice how the end, you count on a positive response and possible conversion. mailing database – no interest In the case of a purchase e-mailing database, the problem begins at the very beginning, because hardly anyone will open your message. There will also be no crowd of recipients who will decide to click the CTA button, let alone make a purchase on the website they see for the first time. No matter what superlatives the seller uses to describe his database, remember that appearances can be deceiving. There’s little chance you’ll get your money back, and there’s a high chance you’ll end up causing yourself trouble. 

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Problems with your email service provider If you use email marketing tools. For WordPress , you will quickly realize. What a huge mistake purchasing an email list was. Reputable photo editor email service providers are able to recognize illegally acquire databases and impose manual penalties on you. Mailing database – problems with email provider If too many messages you send are marke as spam, your service provider may block your account, fine you, or even take legal action. Why? Because you are most likely using share IP addresses for email sending. An illegally obtaine mailing database may completely destroy the deliverability of messages to other customers at the same address.

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So you can harm not only yourself, but the entire group of companies. . Image and reputational losses. In addition to the fact that you may be penalize by your email service provider or receive a financial penalty due to GDPR, you may also lose your good brand image. As is widely known, reputation is one of those things that is increibly difficult to rebuild. mailing database – image loss Imagine opening your email and.  Seeing several marketing JPB Directory messages from companies you’ve never heard of. There is a % chance that you will find.  These messages unwante or even irritating. Instead of making a positive first impression, you will be left with a bad taste.

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