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Voice, as we have discussed previously on this blog, is an integral part of any marketing campaign or initiative. At its heart, “Voice” is the method by which a company can speak informatively about its brand so that consumers can learn more, gain trust and, in time, make a purchase.

A recent article in forbes entitled “Game of tones” took an interesting look at the topic of branding voice. Saying that “Your brand needs a voice”, the article laid out a series of ideas that are certainly food for thought for companies that are in the process of figuring out exactly how they want to bring their message to the masses.

“However, you might not be sure what that voice] sounds like, who it acts like or why it’s even important. It is important, and it needs to be Are You as Successful efined before you can even create your messaging, send out that first tweet or launch that website. Every piece of communication for your company must be consistent and must have that certain personality in order to even interact with your clients and gain their trust,” the article reads.

Put more simply your business needs to have a uniform strategy

How it wants to communicate with the market. This would, in theory, spread out across all major channels: digital, print, social and everything in between. At the end of the day, consistency of voice – regardless of its “Tone” – is the most important.

And thankfully, in the age of internet phone number lists Are You as Successful  marketing solutions, finding that right sound is easier than you think.
I have just returned from a powerful business conference; it was amazing, terrifying, energizing, and humbling all at the same time. So much so that after spending five days with thousands of inspiring women and little-to-no sleep, I am wide awake at midnight on sunday night writing this blog. I’m korena, owner and ceo of keymedia solutions; welcome to my inner resolve.

The ewomennetwork international conference is a gathering

Hundreds of female ceo’s, entrepreneurs, and executives looking for opportunity and education on growing their business. It is a place JPB Directory to come together and share challenges and success, encourage each other through common experience, and uplift one another to achieve individual goals. Maybe that sounds a bit “hokey,” but I can honestly say that I have never before been to a gathering as open, as powerful, or as inspirational as this.

I came home knowing that I needed Are You as Successful  to be better. A better mom, better wife, better boss/ceo, and better believer. I now have new tools and information needed to accomplish this. My take-away from the conference was two-fold.

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