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We all need to release some of the negatives in life to make room for more of the positives. That may mean making the difficult decision to hug and release the difficult people/clients; to consciously decide to surround ourselves with people McKinsey finds that  that bring us joy. If it is true that you become the collective of the five people you spend the most time with, then we need to carefully choose those five people. Today, I am electing to build my inner circle; the core five that will help me become “better” than I am today.

Fear is a powerful force. It prevents us from stepping out, taking risks, and embracing change. Fear can keep us safe, but more often it is the bond that holds us back. Come to terms that with the knowledge that you will always have a level of fear in your life.

But put it in the backseat instead of handing

It the steering wheel. Get comfortable with it. Acknowledge it. Embrace it. Use it. If you are not at least little bit uncomfortable each day, you are not living to the fullest nor are you reaching your full potential.

So I am vowing today to implement biz list McKinsey finds that  my vision for

the future and embrace my fear. I am terrified of saying my goals aloud as they will suddenly become very real and will hold an accountability that they do not have when unsaid. But here goes… my first leap of faith. I am going to build a wisdom circle group.

This is something I have wanted to do for a while

But have not known how or where to start. That will not stop me any longer. Additionally, I am going to grow the business into a $10 million JPB Directory dollar company (wow that is a big number) before 2022. There. I said it. Whew that feels good!

With the support of my family, the assistance McKinsey finds that  of my business coach, positive energy from my team, and my vision for the future, I know it will happen. I can see it already. God works through faith and through him all things are possible. Are you with me.

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