Traditional Media is Dead Maybe

This past week I overheard a conversation regarding hbo’s latest announcement and how it would “kill” cable television. My first thought was that we are living in a chicken little world.

Will this change impact cable television? Probably. But not anymore than netflix or hulu. After all, according to yahoo tech, only. Traditional Media is Dead about 14% of cable subscribers also subscribe to hbo.

Traditional media – including cable tv, network tv, radio, magazines, billboards, and newspapers – are not dead. They are evolving. They are being forced to adapt to the way you, the shoppers and buyers, are wanting to receive information. However, they are still around and still play a key role in most companies marketing strategy.

As a company, it is critical to understand how your customers are finding you and your competitors. You must also adapt your strategy and diversify your media budgets to reflect the changes in your customer’s behaviors.

As you begin your 2015 marketing plan

agency to diversify. It’s time to stop pushing out ad messages. Traditional Media is Dead and start engaging with people. The sky is not falling, but the sun has set on media plans of the 1990’s and the sunrise is glorious.
Google analytics is the next step your telemarketing lists business can take toward optimizing your website. A free tool, google analytics helps businesses measure the success rate for their inbound marketing efforts, including:

Website traffic
Where users are coming from, and where users are going
Why and how users are visiting your website
Insight into visitors’ traffic patterns.

Fuller picture of your audience and their needs

With google analytics, your business can gain a better sense of your customers, in turn allowing you to improve their experience interacting with your business and visiting your website.

In addition to optimizing your website JPB Directory and using google analytics, improving. Traditional Media is Dead local seo is another way smbs can strengthen their marketing. “Ensuring that your business listing is complete and accurate plays a large role in determining whether customers can move forward with contacting you,” goodin explains. Businesses can optimize their local seo by taking a few steps, which include.

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