What is the Shinkansen Grand Class Shinkansen

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Most bullet trains have economy class and green class , which is comparable to first class. The most current Shinkansen models such as the Hayabusa E5 Series also include Gran Class, a first class trip that far exceeds the green class .

The E7 models operational since 2014 also feature a Gran Class wagon

The Gran Class includes a special car with a spacious Whatsapp Mobile Number List living area and the constant attention of a host or hostess. These trains are generally made up of a Gran Class wagon along with green class and standard wagons.

The “Hayabusa” bullet trains of the E5 Series have premium “Gran Class” wagons
Routes and prices of the Gran Class
The first trains with the built-in Grand Class option started running on the Tohoku Shinkansen Line in 2011. The line runs from Tokyo Station to Shin-Aomori Station near Hokkaido .

The Hayate and Yamabiko lines, along with the Tokyo to Nagano lines, also include trains with Gran Class cars. These carriages will be added to additional Shinkansen lines in the near future.

The interior of the train is luxuriously decorated and equipped with the latest technology.

Offering unprecedented quality and spaciousness in rail travel each carriage

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Houses just six rows of seats, with three seats in each row . This JPB Directory provides plenty of legroom and plenty of room to recline in the leather armchairs. The reclining function, as well as the footrest, can be controlled from a control panel on the armrest of the seat.

The service is also something to note in the Grand Class of the Shinkansen. Upon entering the train, an attendant will guide you to your seat.

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