Good Cs Can Convince Customers To Take Back

Good customer service is the key to a satisfied buyer. But if something slips and you get a negative review as a result. The team assigned to customer service should know that they can still solve problems by communicating with buyers.

A good marketplace eCommerce customer service team should be able to identify and resolve the root cause of a customer problem while politely getting the buyer to return his or her negative feedback. 

Most of the time, customers are willing to change their reviews as long as CS solves their problem. Customer service agents only need to follow up and make a request.

Good CS Can Reduce Return Requests From Customers

Let’s say you sent the wrong product to a customer. After receiving the product, the customer sends you the wrong shipment. He then decided to request a product return. You then accept the return request and send the correct product a second time. 

While this solves the problem for the customer, your rate of return also goes up in the process. This is now a permanent record in your Lazada or Shopee performance which will have long term effects on incoming and outgoing future customers. 

Meanwhile, by considering whatsapp mobile number list customer service as part of your overall sales strategy, you can accommodate buyer concern. Negotiate with him to get past the return request part. Instead, you will only send the correct product and then he can hand over the wrong item to the courier. So you can solve problems while keeping your customer’s return requests to a minimum.

Good CS Allows You To Guide The Customer Through The Buyer’s Journey

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In our Lazada Sales Funnel – Explained , we talk about the four stages of the sales funnel, namely:

Each of these stages can be a little tricky. Ads and campaigns are set to get more leads. However, due to several JPB Directory factors that affect a customer’s purchase decision, it is possible that blockers or issues may still occur. Having great customer service helps you remove these blockers and drive more sales, get better reviews, and maintain a good seller rating.

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