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Other places to get money You can also find international ATMs in the main airports, large shopping centers , Citibank branches in the most important cities and Family Mart stores . It is recommended to use the airport ATM upon arrival in the country and take out the cash you will need in the coming days.

Remember that most ATMs in the places just mentioned do not accept chip cards yet. The Aeon Bank ATM in shopping centers Aeon, in general, if it accepts this type of card

How to use a Japanese ATM On your trip to Japan look for ATMs labeled

Although you can also use those that do not have a label, if the ATM offers the possibility of speaking in English.

When Using the Atm to Withdraw Money or Latest Mailing Database Exchange Currency. You Need Your Credit. Or Debit Card and Your Four-digit Pin Number. Follow the Instructions Given on the Screen , Selecting the Language Option. In English and Using the Keyboard to Enter. Your Information. You will realize that international ATMs operate in a similar way to ATMs in your home country.

Before traveling, you should notify your bank of the destination , to know where you will use your bank card and the dates of the trip.

Otherwise the bank’s fraud security system could void your card

Latest Mailing Database

The first time an international transaction is recorded. Also, find JPB Directory out about any rate or limitation that its international use may generate. Certain banks limit the amount of money that can be withdrawn per week in international destinations.

Remember that most international ATMs in Japan still do not accept cards with an IC chip. Mastercard and Maestro cards are often problematic in this country, and are not accepted at post offices and Seven-Eleven stores.

Finally, there are ATMs where you will see the Visa logo, but they will not accept your Visa card, since they only accept Japanese Visa cards. Make sure before you travel and check with your bank that your current card can be used abroad.




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