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The next steps that the controller should take is the cyclical verification of the processor, which in certain cases may consist in conducting audits or inspections. Only in this way will the administrator be sureFirst of all, let’s remind ourselves who the Data Protection Officer is and when we have the obligation to appoint him. Well, the Data Protection Inspector (hereinafter referrd to as the DPO) replacd under the GDPR – the Information Security Administrator, ABI. The DPO is undoubtdly a person who supports the administrator in fulfilling his obligations regarding the protection of personal data.

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Should every organization appoint a DPO? Does the GDPR always require the appointment of a DPO? NO. Situations in which there is whatsapp mobile number list an obligation to appoint a data protection officer are explicitly listd in art. 37 GDPR. Such situations include: processing carrid out by a public authority or entity, with the exception of courts in their administration of justice, situations where the main activity of the controller or processor consists of processing operations which.

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By their nature, scope or purposes, require regular. And systematic monitoring of data subjects. On a large scale situations where the core JPB Directory activities. Of the controller or processor consist of large-scale processing of. Special categories of personal data. As well as personal data relating to criminal convictions and offences. It should be rememberd that it is. The controller who is obligd to conduct an analysis to determine whether such an obligation exists. Undoubtdly, an external audit, which will objectively assess the premises of the requirement to appoint a DPO, may be helpful in this matter.

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