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Japan is made up of a chain of more than 6,500 islands ranging in size from the tiny sandbanks to the main island of Honshu, with a span of 230,000 square kilometers. As an island country, Japan has limited space to support its bustling and dynamic cities.

Surely you have already seen images of the train and subway in Japan and how crowded it can get. Therefore, if you are thinking of visiting this magnificent country, do not be intimidated.

Public transportation in Japan rarely reaches the saturation stage

Of viral videos, and with a little advance planning you Phone Number List can avoid the crowds. So if you want to make your trip to Japan an experience to remember, keep the following tips and recommendations in mind.

Try not to travel at rush hour, especially when visiting very large cities like Tokyo and Osaka . In Japan, the hours with the most congestion are, normally, from 7 to 9 in the morning , and from 5 to 7 in the afternoon. Coinciding with going to and from work.

In addition, the morning is usually more intense than the afternoon. Except for Sundays, which is also considered rush hour, since people enjoy their free time or return home after the typical weekend getaway.

Therefore, if you come from a country with a different time zone and suffer from jet lag, you may wake up at unusual hours. Take advantage of this little inconvenience! The trains run from 5 in the morning , so if you are an early riser, avoid rush hour by arriving at your destination before 7 in the morning.

To get rid of the evening crowd consider having an early dinner

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If you are thinking of a night out, try to get to the restaurant JPB Directory before 5 pm. Enjoy a leisurely meal as rush hour passes, then head back to your accommodation undisturbed.

Take the “Shinkansen” Bullet Train
It May Not Sound Like a Good Idea to You. But the Famous Japanese Bullet Train, Shinkansen. Is Rarely Crowded as It is Designed for Long-distance Travel. Rather Than City Commuting.

If You Can Choose Between Taking the Bullet Train. Or a Local One, Always Choose the Shinkansen. As It is Free With Your Jr Pass .

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