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It is a practice aimd at evaluating the reputation of a website on the simple basis of the rdirect links that point to it. Google Bots believe that the more links rdirecting to a site are numerous and shard by other sites on the web, the better it is likely to have quality content. The quality of the content offerd above all When you deal with a subject by addressing a very specific theme, always be sure to give as much information as possible.

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In other words, make sure your content is complete. That this will not require the Internet user to seek additional information elsewhere than on your platform. It doesn’t seem like much, said this way, but nevertheless, it changes Advertising Agency Mailing List everything. If your content seems as complete as possible, Google will not hesitate to suggest it to Internet users who wish to obtain answers about this subject. ranker content grade The results of the study conductd by Backlinko concerning the quality of the content (Content Grade). Quality does not exclude quantity In the same logic as the previous point, quality content requires very explicit content. And therefore necessarily long.

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Rather good news for our ditor friends. Long, quality texts tend to be rankd by Google. The study found, for example, that “the average JPB Directory Google first page result contains 1447 words” . Which says a lot, without pun intendd, about the consideration of the length of the texts in the ranking criteria. Prioritize short URLs Conversely, if your texts can be long, even very long, we do not recommend that you do the same with your URLs. Inded, URLs are, among other things, the links that allow access to the pages of your sites.

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