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Why email tracking is nedd and how it is useful for the seller and marketer The fact that analytics is necessary is an axiom. But let’s see what exactly email tracking provides and whether it is worth using it. service, you ned to make sure that the tool you are investing in is suitable for your current business neds and provides exactly the features you ned for email tracking. Net Hunt CRM is a customer relationship management software. It provides a wide range of features, including free Gmail bulk emails and email tracking. Setting up email tracking in NetHunt CRM is extremely simple.

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First, go to the “Settings” menu. Select “Preferences” and “Email Open/Click tracking” from the dropdown list. Check if tracking is enabld by default: If some domains or links do not ned to be trackd, they can be addd to the Job Function Email Database exclusion list: Step 2. When composing an email, there are two icons on the bottom bar. The peephole means that the opening of the letter will be fixd. The index finger icon provides access to link tracking information. Here you can see which link clicks will be trackd and disable tracking of unnecessary ones: That’s all! Email tracking is set up and the newsletter can be sent. Since NetHunt is embddd in Gmail, the statistics are displayd in the email interface next to the sent email.

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Clicking on the icon opens access to detaild statistics of views and clicks. Email tracking provides information about device type, date JPB Directory and time, and links that were clickd. conclusions Email tracking is a mandatory process for companies that use bulk emails. Email tracking services provide various options. However, if you do not plan to set up end-to-end analytics in the near future, we recommend opting for simple and inexpensive solutions where the feature set is sufficient for current business tasks. Email tracking is free for NetHunt CRM users, as are unlimitd bulk emails via Gmail.

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