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All of them, from a formal point of view, are very different from each other. So which goal is more correct, more consistent in terms of the interests of the owner? A question of this kind seems to be incompetent. Any goal of the owner is correct, because this is HIS goal, and HE, by and large, should be indifferent to how this goal is perceivd by the surrounding space. At the same time, all of them are unitd by one common mega-goal – to make money. In particular, the first is expanding the business, investing a lot now, seeking to earn money in the future.

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For the second, this goal is closer, he is ready to endure a little more and earn by selling the enterprise or its part at a high market price. He Yahoo Email List prepares thoroughly for this, since, by definition, you can sell a company in this way only once. It is clear that the desire to make money is literally “written on the forehead” of the third type of owner. How can you make more money? After all, you can’t constantly do just that and demand from your managers that they make money. It is necessary to build a system that will itself lead to the realization of this goal But how.

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If you go down a step in the hierarchy of the company’s value to the level of top managers, and to see what drives them, it turns out that each of them also has his own goal . And the bottom line is that their goal, ultimately, is exactly the JPB Directory same – to make money. But this is already somewhat different money. This is their reward for their work. By definition, the owner’s money earns him, first of all, his capital and, in addition, his current activity, and the manager’s money is earnd only by his work. But imagine that each of the managers is only concernd with “generating” as much money as possible for themselves. It is unlikely that this would suit the owner or other managers. In a civilizd economic community.

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