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Know now that you have the choice between two methods. Promote SEA which corresponds to paid referencing or improve your SEO which corresponds to natural referencing. It is essentially this last technique that we wantd to develop with you today. The ranking: what is it? In terms of SEO, the ranking is the natural positioning occupid by a page or a website on the search results displayd by a search engine. As we already told you in a previous article, position 0 represents the Holy Grail for any self-respecting advertiser.

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If this cannot be achievd, you might as well try to appear at least on the first page of Google search results. As the saying goes: “aim for Veterinary Email List the moon to at least land in the stars” . Today it’s no secret that to appear on the first page of Google, you absolutely must improve your natural referencing. To do this, many methods are possible today. The points taken into account for the ranking according to the results of the Backlinko study What are the factors allowing the ranking on the first page on Google.

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In other words, what are the Google robots basd on to estimate that content deserves its place among the first results of a search carrid out JPB Directory on the Google search engine? Basd on a sample of approximately 11.8 million people, a study conductd by Backlinko in collaboration with Ahrefs tells us more about where to focus. It lookd at no less than twelve SEO factors in order to assess their real impact on the ranking. L’importance du backlinking Without real surprise, backlinking is an essential point to participate in the ranking of a site on the search results.

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