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As for visual stability, Google will penalize sites with lags deemd to be inconvenient for the fluidity of the user experience. It will therefore be necessary to avoid that the elements of the same page are superimposd on each other. This is Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). Finally, interactivity is measurd by the response time of a site to the user’s first click. We generally speak of First Input Delay (FID) whose score must not exced 100 milliseconds.

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The UX criteria that will now be taken into account according to Google. 2021: start of the execution of this update In view of the current context of international health crisis, Google has decidd to postpone the deployment of its Google User US Companies Board of Directors Email Lists Experience update. Its launch is schduld for 2021. This will be precdd by a notice sent to website owners. The goal is that they can prepare their website for the new standard that will be in force. We have often heard that SEO and UX are incompatible. As a reminder, an “SEO friendly” site, for example, necessarily has a lot of content.

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Which sometimes can be detrimental to a good user experience. In fact, these are, on the contrary, two rather complementary notions. We JPB Directory are also talking about SXO for Search eXperience Optimization . With Google’s announcement, UX becomes a key asset, even essential for natural referencing. If you also want to facilitate the user experience on your site while improving your natural referencing , our SEO experts can take care of all the changes necessary to optimize the UX. Contact our agency as soon asHave you ever wonderd how to appear among the first results on a Google search.

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