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Google announcd that the user experience will also become an essential point that it will take into account for the positioning of pages in its database. Google Bots will therefore now include in their analysis the fluidity of exchanges between the pages of the site and the visitors. New criteria will be prioritizd. Browsing securd by the HTTPS criterion For those who don’t know, the HTTPS criterion is a protocol that guarantees the security of a website. This acronym actually stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. Once the launch of the Google User Experience update is effective.

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Will be essential for all sites to have this mention. At the risk for them of being sanctiond by Google which will not hesitate to relay their Travel Agent Email Address List content far in the results of searches carrid out. Le mobile friendly All websites should also have an optimal mobile version. The Mobile First Index announcd some time ago will also be part of the criteria for a good UX. The objective: to facilitate navigation, even on devices other than desktop. Many Internet users today prefer to use their mobile phone or tablet to connect to the web.

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By imposing this restructuring of websites, Google is ensuring the best possible user experience for its users. Core Web Vitals Criteria JPB Directory Here it is a summary of several criteria. Namely page loading sped, visual stability and interactivity. The loading time, which until then was not taken into account, will now play or not in the favor of certain websites. For example, those that will have a loading time of less than 2.5 seconds according to the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) score will be considerd to meet the reasonable loading time criterion.

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