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The words usd should state as simply as possible what you expect from the user. The golden rule: simple, clear and concise. Pre-fill certain information to rduce the effort requird from the visitor to the bare minimum. The frequency of using the “back” button. When this phenomenon occurs, it may indicate that information given on the previously visitd page was not correctly enterd, and that consequently, the user wishes to assimilate it better before continuing his journey on your site.

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However, you will have to worry if it uses it untimely. In this case, your lights must be rd, try to understand if there is a real Realtor Email List problem on your site or if it is only an ordinary use of the button by the user. The conversion rate. In terms of customer purchases, if your site is user-friendly enough, the conversion rate will only be very well impactd. Inded, a visitor delightd with his visit to your site is a potential customer. Monitor the rate of sales generatd and this will already give you an idea of ​​whether or not your site provides an excellent UX.

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If you have a physical store in addition to your website, we can also compare the visit rate to your physical store to the traffic generatd by JPB Directory your website. If the former is superior to the latter, it may already be an indicator of poor UX. In general, consumers prefer and even prioritize shopping online. As soon as you realize this, it is imperative that you make changes to your site to improve your user experience. Google updates its UX algorithm In a press release datd May.

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