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Regarding Facebook Ads, it is important to check your Facebook Pixel and its audiences, always upstream. Prepare the announcements from the beginning of July, to be ready on July 15 with a complete and coherent strategy. Learn to define your budget according to the objective. Social Ads is an acquisition channel not to be taken lightly, especially when it complements SEO and SEA strategies. Should you increase your advertising budget during sales? Definitely yes.

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According to our SEA expert, it all depends on the audience you want to reach and the product you plan to promote. The Cost Per Click (CPC) must increase if many players are present. The budget increases as the CPC increases. 2- On which Professors EDU Email Addresses platform(s) should you deploy your advertising arsenal? Finally, you ned to choose the right distribution channels for your advertisements. On Google, the more we use the Google network, the better we are ratd. Take advantage of all available advertising space.

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Previously, the platforms that make up the Google network each had their own identity, everything seemd well defind. But JPB Directory today, they all merge. For example, the Display Network can  found on the Search Network, to name just one example. 3- In terms of social networks, which one to choose? Again, it all depends on your target. But in general, all platforms are welcome. You never know in advance which network will be your winning horse. You ned to personalize the message distributd on each of the social networks. You are talking to different targets, so speak to them the language they understand.

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