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Figure 1 The sequence of setting up an enterprise management system basd on “hard” methods Three key components of business management are a prerequisite for an effective business: strategy formulation, building a management management system, management system for the implementation of specific management tasks. Once the strategic vision is formulatd and the strategic goals of the business are understood, it is necessary to understand how to manage the business in order to implement the developd strategy and achieve the strategic goals.

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First of all, when implementing the strategy, it is necessary to create a management management system that, due to its effectiveness, will ensure the implementation of the strategy. The main task of the Management Control Canadian Hospitals Email List System (MSC) ] is to create conditions that will contribute to the implementation of strategic goals. Actually, the creation of such a system consists of two important steps: creation of an organizational structure that corresponds to the strategic goals of the business, by designing a system of responsibility centers – divisions of the enterprise, which has its own head, who is responsible for the performance of the division; description of key business processes in order to define relationships between individual responsibility centers.

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It is also worth paying attention to the personnel management system of the enterprise, the success of the business will depend on the desire of employees to strive to achieve goals. In this regard, the concept of business culture that has JPB Directory developd in the enterprise is important. Business is a kind of “avatar” of its top management and owners. The imprint of the personality of the key figures of the company and their worldview will penetrate into all areas of the enterprise and prdetermine the manner of doing business. So, in the technology of “hard methods of business management” everything starts with setting strategic goals, which should be “digitizd”, that is, presentd in the form of quantitative indicators KPIs.

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