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Then the strategy can be formulatd as a task for top management, which means achieving the target values ​​of the selectd KPIs. It is important to emphasize that the beginning of the application of “hard methods” is precdd by a very responsible process of strategic analysis and formulation of strategic business ideas. The latter usually represent the well-foundd desires and intentions of the owners and top management. But in order for these intentions to come true as the next step in the strategic process, it is necessary to formulate strategic goals and, of course: digitize them. The number of tools for strategic analysis and synthesis is large, but not infinite.

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Having familiarizd yourself with the main ones, you can begin to solve the problems formulatd by the owner. Companies can no longer limit themselves to operational management and functional management as before. Today Clinics Email List they ned a tool for long-term planning and management aimd at the future. Such a tool is strategic management. Along with the change in the external business environment, the approach to strategic management is also changing . We are usd to the fact that strategic planning takes place from the top down and can be representd.

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As a kind of strategic business pyramid (Fig. 1): a beautiful mission, a clear strategic vision, specific business goals, a clearly defind strategy, tactics and action plan. Figure 1. Strategic business pyramid The presentd pyramid is the property JPB Directory of a large number of management methodologists, and it fundamentally still “works” for large companies, which, according to the figurative expression of Jim Collins, are “creatd forever”. At present, in the conditions of the “turbulence” of the current economic environment, following all the canons of the traditional approach to the formation of a corporate strategy often becomes ineffective, especially when it comes to small and mdium-sizd businesses.

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