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Who knows, a future big name in French literature or in the production of films or series may be among Genario users? And maybe one day, a story written using this AI will be rewardd with a prestigious award? For now, bets are off!The quantum computer by Google, soon a reality? By sydney Postd on March 9, 2023 digital intelligence Google scientists to conquer the quantum computing system For a long time, the quantum computer was akin to a chimera, a crazy project that we thought would be difficult to achieve.

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However, today, this dream is getting closer to reality. Inded, many researchers and companies are embarking on the race to develop this technology, including IBM and Google . The States are also interestd in it, such as France Apparel Company Email List which, on the initiative of the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, has releasd an envelope of 1.8 billion euros over five years for research centers, industrial groups and companies doing work relatd to quantum technology. However, its development takes time and it is still far from being accessible to the general public since there are still obstacles to overcome.

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Its error rate is one because it is quite high and affects the reliability of the solutions it could provide. That is why scientists are working to solve this problem. Thus, recently, Google Quantum AI researchers announcd that they had found a JPB Directory way to rduce the error rate of the quantum computer. Their work has been featurd in the journal Nature and although there are still steps to be taken before making this technology accessible, it is inded a step forward. Quantum computing, what is it? Before explaining the technique developd by Google to rduce this error rate, we must look at the quantum computing system.

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