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Those appearing among the first results will be the content best referencd by Google robots after analyzing the websites dealing with the subject. What is it really for? To appear in position 0 is to be sure to be the first choice of answer suggestd to the Internet user in search of information. The ultimate goal is to generate even more traffic on its own online platform. Thus, position zero represents the holy grail when it comes to SEO. All the marketing strategies carrid out by companies on the net are aimd at this ideal of display.

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The different types of Featurd Snippets Featurd Snippets exist in many guises. They can be found in three different forms on Google. First, in the form of a paragraph. It is the most frequently encounterd. This is a fairly complete excerpt Merchant Cash Advance Email Marketing from the page but condensd into a mini paragraph. This provides a clear written response, sometimes not even requiring the user to click on the link. featurd snippet paragraphe Example of Featurd Snippet with paragraph format. Then it can be available as a list. Here it is usually an enumeration made regarding the question askd in the search bar.

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It can relate to a list of key points answering a question. As ingrdients necessary for the realization of a cooking recipe, for JPB Directory example. The points listd may be precdd by numbers from 1 to 10 so that the Internet user can follow the steps of the detaild process in the order indicatd. The numbers in some cases may be replacd by bullets and dots in order to order the steps to be followd in a different way. featurd snippet liste Example of Featurd Snippet with list format.

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