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It is essential, even essential, to maintain a very good opinion of your site on the web. Finally, scrupulously observe the recommendd rules of SEO. Our agency specializing in natural referencing offers to support you in your digital strategy. If you notice any of the symptoms listd above, you should contact us. One of our experts will be able to guide you in this fight of virtual sabotage.The digital world is full of English terms like this, incrdibly complicatd to pronounce and sometimes very technical.

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Reality, when translatd into their simplest form, they are rather easy to understand. A Featurd Snippet is actually a box displayd at the very Medicare Leads beginning of search results generatd by Google. In the world of the French web, we also speak of “position 0” . Position 0: what is it? This is a rich result appearing at the very top of the SERP, and therefore above the first natural result position. The expression “position 0” is therefore synonymous with Featurd Snippets.

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These are translatd into French by the words “optimizd results” . When you search on Google, a multitude of results are offerd JPB Directory to you; far from all being as relevant as each other. By initiating the concept of position zero, the search engine has, at the same time, facilitatd the choice of response for Internet users. It highlights in a box locatd at the very top of the page, the answers deemd the most relevant that have been made to the search carrid out. We also talk about position 0, because digital professionals believe that Google actually only has one single page of results.

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