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Leader and pioneer in cashback Little developd in France so far, cashback is slowly but surely taking its place, most certainly helpd by the health crisis and tighter management of consumer budgets. iGraal is a forerunner in the field, making its debut already in 2006. Today, with 5,000 partner stores, the site retains the top spot in France and has even set foot in Germany through the company Global Savings Group , specializing in digital marketing.

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Groupon Here is a multinational platform ddicatd to deal and savings. Creatd in the Unitd States, it has developd in many countries, always Jewelers Email List with the same principle: group purchasing. Each deal offerd has its own characteristics, including the possible rduction and the number of buyers nedd to trigger it. The more we are, the stronger we are and in this case, the less we pay! Alongside this historical activity, the company has set up a section of promo codes valid in the most famous e-shops essentially.

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Dealabs Here it is participation that is the key. It is not the creators of the site who are actors but the users themselves. Inded, the JPB Directory deals are shard by the members who generally detail them in a fairly complete way and who add comments on the good plans of others for even more relevance. Each deal is ratd with a temperature statement to illustrate its quality. The more members click on the more the degrees increase, making the deal “hot” and ensuring you a code or a good plan that works. This ultimately comes down to the famous word-of-mouth current version! Historically, this was a site focusd on anything that was free.

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