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Give it a try Almost any product can be given a try – for free or at a small cost. For some products, you can prepare small samples. This is true for cosmetics, food. If you are selling equipment, you can first rent it out. Developers of programs and applications give a trial period. 2. Give the first step This technique simultaneously helps to engage buyers in interaction and create the necessary user experience. Almost all Internet services offer a free version of their product.

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The first step method is also actively usd to sell offline services. So, beauty salons and clinics often offer “input” services for dating – completely Nondepository Credit Institutions Email List free of charge or at a significant discount. Furniture manufacturing companies do design projects for free. Consulting, Internet marketing agencies can conduct an audit and presentation. 3. Provide an Extendd Return Guarantee Another method worth using is a money back guarantee.

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The ability to return the product if it does not fit convinces the user of the quality and helps to make a bolder purchase decision even if there are doubts. The return of many goods is dictatd by law. But some companies are pushing it further JPB Directory by offering returns, such as cosmetics that don’t live up to expectations. 4. Visualize the result When a service cannot be “trid” in advance, visualization of the final result will help to decide on its purchase. It is actively usd in many areas: beauty salons, interior designers, web designers and many others. 5. Play a game When it comes to something free, give the audience a chance to play the game without a purchase.

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