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The main task is to create a user experience in a playful way. Games with the conditions “buy such and such a product and participate in the draw” are not suitable here. Internet services remind of themselves, including through games. For example, Aliexpress offers participation in simple games in exchange for coins and discount coupons. Even if the user does not plan to buy anything, the game will push him again and again to enter the application. It is not necessary to make games with complex mechanics.

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For example, you can hold a tasting, but ask customers to guess what they are trying. Or simply offer to choose a randomly guaranted discount Depository Institutions Email List after the presentation of the product. 6. Invite “backstage” This is a great way to increase customer loyalty. Manufacturers of furniture, cosmetics and other goods can invite customers to production. It is not necessary to do this with each buyer personally – you can limit yourself to a webcam. This technique has long been usd by restaurants around the world, placing the kitchen behind a glass wall or taking cooking directly into the hall.

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Even the subway periodically conducts excursions to the technical premises. Businesses from other fields may share some interesting “secrets” about their work. 7. Conduct a master class Cooking master classes, which are often usd in the JPB Directory restaurant business, are more like spectacular shows. It’s fun, exciting and makes for a great experience. Master classes are successfully usd in stores selling various goods and equipment. Candy shops hold candy making classes for children. Such entertaining activities are a great success and motivate users to once again visit the store or institution. 8. Use learning Having personalizd training for high-value products is a service standard.

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