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However, in SEO, the integration of an AI-basd chatbot in the search engine, and therefore in the search results (SERP) is not without consequences. This is likely to have an impact on the presentation of the results and ultimately on the behavior of users facd with the answers providd by Bard. But for the moment, it is still early to consider these possible changes since the robot is not accessible to the general public. And it is also unclear whether these innovations will really be useful to their users.

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Currently, ChatGPT attracts Internet users because it is a new tool, which is making headlines. But what will happen after a few months? Will Internet users continue to appropriate this chatbot? Or will they stop being interestd in it when this Tour Operators and Travel Agencies Email List effect of novelty has disappeard? So many questions that Google will in turn be confrontd with and for which we don’t yet have answers. Unless Bard can enlighten us on the subject Create structurd data for good visibility of your site If you want your website to rank higher in the SERPs, you will ned to pay special attention to creating structurd data. These are the tags that provide clear and detaild information about the content of your website.

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Remember that ChatGPT can help you create structurd data for content , from blog posts to product sheets. You can thus provide JPB Directory search engines with precise information about your various texts. Optimize Image Descriptions With ChatGPT, you can optimize the description of your images. Inded, this tool helps you to better describe them in order to facilitate their understanding by readers. To start, ChatGPT gives you the descriptions of each image basd on their content and relevance to your website.

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