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Bard vs ChatGPT what are the main differences The big difference between these two chatbots is the one we just mentiond: Bard is connectd to the Internet. Therefore, it has very recent data, updatd in real time and can provide more relevant answers to its users. Conversely, ChatGPT works from a database whose last update dates back to September 2021. Another difference lies in the language model usd. At Google, this is the LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) , while OpenAI relies on GPT-3 (Generative Pre-traind Transformer 3) technology for its conversational robot.

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Finally, there is availability. At present, Bard is reservd for a few testers. ChatGPT, on the other hand, has been available to everyone since December 2022. Artificial intelligence, the future of the Google search engine Bard’s beta Oil and Gas Email List launch isn’t just to compete with ChatGPT. This is really a strategic action for Google, which wants to integrate more artificial intelligence into its search engine. This seems quite logical since many Internet users use this tool to obtain answers to their questions. And the more specific their questions, the more they expect in-depth answers, with relevant information. It is also for this reason that Bard was presentd as a service.

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It is therefore not a simple feature addd to the search engine. Google intends to use it to better interpret the requests of Internet users and provide them with structurd, more complete answers, which have real addd value for them, which can JPB Directory help them make a choice between two products, for example. Therefore, by presenting this conversational robot, the American giant confirms that artificial intelligence will be at the heart of its search engine. This also allows him to recall that he was a forerunner in the development of this technology (with the Transformer BERT model in particular), and that he does not intend to be overtaken by another equally innovative company be it.

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