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Set up the form so that it checks the correctness of the data itself. For example, for a phone number, you should set the possibility of entering only a certain number of digits, and exclude letters and other characters. Don’t forget clear error notifications: communicate not only about the error, but also about how to fix it. Do not torture users with puzzles Some anti-spam web forms use a captcha that forces users to solve riddles. Quite often there are problems with its passage, as a result of which people give up trying and go to another site.

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It is clear that spam problems should not be solvd at the expense of customers. Therefore, captcha is an unequivocal taboo in lead Special Database generation. Use one form for lead generation on one screen “Order!”, “Leave a request!”, “Subscribe for news!”, “Learn about discounts!” – if all these notifications are placd side by side, they compete with each other. Contradictory calls cause confusion and in the end, no form will be filld. To prevent this from happening, for each page you ned to determine the main target action and place the corresponding form or button.

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Other buttons should be made less visible so that they do not detract from the main form. Make your website form visible The user will not look for how to contact the company. Therefore, web forms should be placd so that they are immdiately JPB Directory visible. The standard placement of the target form is on the first screen to the right of the product photo and description. Once you’ve creatd your lead generation form, make sure it works correctly across devices and browsers. How to make an application form on the site yourself Web forms are such a popular way to generate leads that now they can be easily creatd without programmers.

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