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Best Free Web Form Builders in 2021arrow right Improving the effectiveness of the form on the site: tips and mistakes A large number of tests and studies prove that it is not enough just to place a form on the site. Many factors affect the effectiveness of a lead generation form: color, design, number of fields, placement. We recommend that you always test different variations of web forms. But there are a few prerequisites that should be met at the very beginning.

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Use the minimum number of fields Keep the website form as simple and concise as possible. Collect only the data that is really necessary to contact the client. You can check all other information later. If the form has a field for a phone Industry Email List number, you should refuse email and vice versa. Some forms (for example, the callback form) may contain only one field with a phone number. Few people will fill out bulky forms. In addition, too detaild questions (for example, last name, address, position) can cause mistrust. Keep your lead generation form as simple as possible Don’t make the user think about how to fill out the form. Everything should be clear at a glance.

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There are many fields, it is better to split them into several steps (screens). It is important that the transition to the next step is obvious. The Next button should always be on the first screen. Fields placd in 2-3 columns greatly complicate JPB Directory filling. When the user sees all 10 fields at once to be filld in, it can seem like too much work. As a result, the company will not get a lead. Don’t duplicate questions Refuse to re-fill data in the verification fields. It is better to choose a form for the site, which will itself check the correctness of the data enterd (for example, whether an email address is enterd or the user forgot to add part of it Check for errors and help fill out a web form When entering a phone number or email, users often make mistakes.

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