Behave kindly and courteously Making Use of These

Many Japanese take advantage of these holidays to visit their families, and therefore even on the Shinkansen it can be difficult to get a seat.

Pay attention to the legend of the maps that identify the distances. There are places where you can walk from one station to another skipping several stops.

Read the maps carefully This can save you valuable time at rush hour

If you need detailed maps of the Japanese train Database system , take a look at our Japan maps page and download what you need in PDF format.

Plan your itineraries wisely
Find out where traffic is usually concentrated and visit other places. In Tokyo, for example, the following lines usually have a lot of traffic at rush hour:

You can find more information about the routes, schedules and prices using the Hyperdia web or smartphone application .

Locate your platform
Station workers help break up the waves of people at peak times. Identify your platform number on the ticket and keep an eye out for informational signs.

To travel at rush hour it is essential to get a place on the platform that allows you to board the first or last carriage. This will decrease the waiting time when exiting the train.

Behave kindly and courteously Japan may be known for its transportation


Crowds, but also for the courtesy, hospitality, and respect JPB Directory of its people. So if you find yourself stuck in a crowded train car or in the hectic pace of rush hour, stay calm.

Don’t get angry, be rude or push; instead, be nice to the people around you, because if you need help finding a seat or getting to the platform, you’d be surprised at how willing others are to help if you stay calm.

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By following these tips, you’ll be able to beat the crowds, arrive safely at your destination, and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Japan.

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