Lazada Sales Funnel Explained

We have received numerous inquiries from brands and sellers in the past months regarding the various tactics and tools available to Lazada sellers. To help answer that question, we’ve put together this article explaining the Lazada Sales funnel in depth.

The Lazada Sales Funnel illustrates the path potential buyers take from becoming aware of your brand or product to making a purchase. This includes being found in recommendation widgets and search results, building consumer trust with your PDP and Brand Store, engaging, providing good customer service to potential buyers, and collecting reviews efficiently. We will explain all this in the following paragraphs.

The Importance of Our Lazada Sales Funnel

As an online seller, waiting for customers to come to you is not an option. The key to successful eCommerce is to look at your leverage points and adjust them strategically. By doing so, you database will be able to convert your visitors into buyers. 

But if you don’t know what the Lazada Sales Funnel looks like, you won’t be able to optimize it for maximum sales. Our Lazada sales funnel includes four stages. By assessing your performance at each of these stages, you’ll be able to hone in on the areas most likely to result in better sales.

The 4 Stages of Our Lazada Sales Funnel


Awareness is when potential buyers discover your brand or product and become familiar with what is on offer. 

In the Lazada Sales Funnel, you can bring awareness to potential customers through the following:

his is an in-platform feature that allows you to connect and sell products to your customers through live streaming. Check out our previous article LazLive: Overview of Lazada Live Streaming Features to learn more.

We are all familiar with the Facebook timeline JPB Directory where people view the status of the pages they follow. The Lazada feed works the same way. This allows sellers to post about updating inventory as well as the five star ratings you get from past customers. You can also post videos and pictures about your products and get them seen by your store followers in the feed section of the Lazada mobile app.

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