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Lazada is an eCommerce marketplace that allows you to list products on their site without having to invest upfront. However, there are some costs that you need to know. These are commissions, payments and shipping costs. If you are a marketplace seller, you may be able to make sales without having to share some of your profits with Lazada. But if you are an authorized brand or reseller of a certain company, that’s when certain commission rates will apply. Fee policies may differ for each market. See which Lazada seller fees apply to your business below.

Lazada Philippines does not have a fixed fee for sales. Fees depend on the price you set as a seller as well as the product category’s default commission rate. Specifically, the types of fees you need to pay are commission fees, payment fees, and shipping fees.

See the table below for commission rates for LazMall items in the Philippines.

Commercial Grade Category 2 Category 3 LazMall Commission

As for shipping costs, sellers and customers pay half. The customer pays the shipping fee according to the dimensions of the product input by the seller. Meanwhile, the seller’s shipping costs follow the package dimensions calculated by Lazada itself.

When a package has been delivered to the customer’s address, the shipping fee is transferred to the seller’s account. And Lazada deducts the amount from the seller’s account at the end of the billing cycle.

Here is the shipping cost formula:

Length x Width x Height / 3500

Market sellers do not have Lazada commissions.

Both Lazmall and marketplace sellers have to pay a payment gateway fee of 2.68%.

Lazmall sellers must pay a payment gateway fee on top of their category Lazmall commission.

MY follows the same Lazasa seller fee for commission as Lazada PH. All marketplace sellers enjoy 0% commission across all product categories whereas the table above applies to per-category phone number list commission rates for LazMall items.

The only difference is that Malaysia uses a formula to calculate the overall commission fee for LazMall items.

Commission Fee = Listing Price x Commission Value Per Category

There is also a formula for calculating the cost of payments

phone number list

Payment Gateway Fee = Listing Price x 2% of Indicated Commission Value per Category

Note that commission and payment fees are still subject to SST. At the time of writing, SST is set at 6%.

As for the shipping fee, it is calculated JPB Directory according to the actual chargeable weight of the item and the chargeable weight according to the rates of your courier provider. Shipping fees can range from MYR 3.50 to MYR 340. We mentioned a few things about MY Lazada shipping rates in our Fulfillment by Lazada post. For direct shipping cost calculations, you can check out my own Lazada shipping cost

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