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Are completely free in NetHunt CRM ), the possibility of full automation of the process, high profitability with a competent approach. The disadvantages include the ned to have your own database of addresses and limitd opportunities to influence the opening of letters. These options do not depend on the mailing platform you choose, but on the content you create. Send personalizd emails with NetHunt CRMarrow right 5. SMS-mailings Today, SMS messages are unlikely to help attract new customers, since people perceive them as extremely intrusive.

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When working with an existing SMS mailing list, this is a quick way to get leads. Interestingly, the open rate of SMS messages is very high and reaches 95%. People tend to read text messages from companies whose names are familiar to them. SMS Freight Forwarders Brokers Email Lists mailings are suitable if you ned to briefly notify customers about promotions, interesting offers, or in another way to inform about yourself (for example, to remind you of an unfinishd order). Disadvantages of this method: relatively high price, limitd message volume, the ability to send only text and a link.

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Messengers The vast majority of people today have at least one instant messenger on their phone. Many users prefer this particular JPB Directory channel for communication with the company, since correspondence is much more convenient than telephone conversations. Therefore, methods for obtaining leads in Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook and Instagram chats have been actively developing recently. Almost all instant messengers limit the possibility of direct communication with users who did not consent to correspondence. In fact, only Viber provides the official way to do mass mailings using messages in the form of paid advertising. In other cases, when adding people to groups, users may complain about spam, which entails sanctions.

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