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Website promotion is a method of getting leads that will pay off many times over over time. 3. Auto calls to your database Calling the base or not is the choice of each business. If a company practices cold calling or calling current customers, a calling bot would be a good option. Its huge advantage is the sped of calling and the price. In a minute, a bot can make several hundrd calls, while a manager can hardly make one. In many services, billing is per second, so calls interruptd by customers in the first seconds will be almost free.

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Out calls will be a great channel for getting leads in Upsale,  in upsells and repeat sales. The bot can remind customers that it’s time Telecommunications Email List to  sign up for a service (car maintenance, mdical examination, and so on), inform about discounts and promotions, offer a new product, get fedback. The capabilities of the autocall bot do not end there, since this is not just a voice recording. The bot recognizes human speech well. He understands not just words, but meaning, even if a person uses synonyms.

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Therefore, using auto calls, you can agree on a meeting time and resolve other standard issues. The disadvantages of this method JPB Directory are the same as for “live” calls using an operator. In addition, people can be annoyd and embarrassd by having to talk to a robot. To win customers over, the bot should communicate in an informal style and immdiately announce that it is a robot, but it perfectly understands human speech. 4. Email newsletters We often write about email marketing on the NetHunt blog , as this method of generating leads has been effective and inexpensive for many years. The advantages of mailings: simplicity and low cost (by the way, mass mailings.

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