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The creation of gift cards During this period, we could see that small businesses in difficulty were sometimes ld to create online pots to support the shortfall. In this sense, Facebook has launchd the “Gift Cards” feature, also available on Instagram. Users who visit their merchants’ Facebook or Instagram accounts will be able to support them by purchasing gift cards, which they can spend at home later. By doing this, users allow local merchants, such as hair salons, bookstores, restaurants, fashion stores, gyms, etc., to bear the cost of accrud charges during this period.

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Gift cards on Facebook and Instagram Source : Facebook To set up this feature, professionals must select a partner from Ecwid, Rise.ai, Sumup, and The Fork that will allow users to complete their purchase. When it’s done, all you have to do Optometrist Accurate Email List is communicate about this novelty by publishing a post or a Story on Facebook and/or Instagram. Communication facebook gift cards Source : Facebook First deployd on Instagram in early May, the feature can be addd there as a “gift card” sticker in Stories and/or as a “gift card” button on the professional account. Instagram gift cards The “Gift Card” tool on Instagram.

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On Facebook, the tool will appear on the merchant’s Page, but also on their posts. In addition, a ddicatd landing page, accessible from the JPB Directory User News Fed, will be creatd to list the local businesses participating in the gift card operation. Gift cards on Facebook The “Gift Cards” tool on Instagram – Source: Facebook Fundraising for businesses Always in order to adapt to the current situation and the practices of professionals, Facebook has launchd a fundraising tool.

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