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Despite the apparent simplicity of working with the system, it is better to entrust the software part and its maintenance to professionals. Here we move on to the next step. 4. Find an artist The growth in popularity of the topic has given rise to the growth of a large number of specialists who are ready to implement whatever you want. It is important to note that even large companies are facd with the fact that there is no experiencd task manager. Specialists come to you mainly from the software environment, who do not have practical experience in the areas in which they are going to put this tool to solve problems.

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As a result, the conversation procds as follows: “you tell me what you nd, and we will write everything.” But you are not familiar enough with Biotechnology Email List the possibility of applid use of the system, and accordingly, you cannot clearly say what you nd from it. The result of such cooperation is that you receivd an unnecessary tool that was put off until better times. The key success factor is the joint work of a professional in formalizing and setting tasks with responsible representatives of the customer. But the moderator in any case is the director. 5. Define goals (circle of information for showcases.

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To avoid fakup and understand, first of all, for yourself, why you nd BI and what information you will use, you nd to determine its initial JPB Directory circle. You can even draft a preliminary list. This will rduce the time of communication and clarification of the goals and objectives of the system and will help a qualifid task manager to understand your nds and quickly move into your coordinate system. In the process of writing and agreeing on the terms of reference, together you will come to the final decision on the list, the number of sections and the depth of the information controlld by the system.

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